Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World

Technology is reaching its peak and the most advanced and updated models of every manmade creation are seen in the world. Top fastest helicopters are one of the best examples of technological advancement and are considered to be the most reliable source for logistics, battle, and supplies at any region across the globe.

When we talk about the fastest helicopters it means these are able for heavy transportation, high speed, reliable supplies, powerful war equipment, and top rescue machines. There are several countries in the world those highly focused on scientific and industrial progression and kept research programs very fast and updated to be highly developed and advanced.

Here we have arranged the fastest helicopters in the world; the list is given of the top ten fastest helicopters is given below:

10: AH-64D Apache

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World AH-64D Apache

The four-blade twin-turboshaft attack helicopter Boeing AH-64 Apache is manufactured by Boeing Defense, Space & Security which has a tandem cockpit for a two-man crew featuring a nose-mounted sensor suite for target acquisition and night vision systems.

Being one of the fastest helicopters in the world it is the primary attack helicopter of multiple nations including Japan, Greece, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel. The high-performance engines can reach up to a speed of 158 knots to a maximum altitude of 15,895ft.

9: Mil Mi-26 (Halo)

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World Mil Mi-26 (Halo)

Rostvertol-manufactured Russia-originated Mil Mi-26 is a heavy-lift cargo helicopter that can be utilized for both civilian and military operations. The largest and most powerful helicopter from the manufacturing giant Mil Mi-26 is available in different variants concerning its overall performance and operations from military to civil use.

Mil Mi-26 stands among the fastest helicopters in the world because of its exceptional field performance; the maximum speed of the helicopter can be estimated at up to 295 km/h while it can reach an altitude of 4,600 m.

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8: Mi-28N Night Hunter

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World Mi-28N Night Hunter

The day-night, military tandem, two-seat anti-armor attack helicopter Mi-28N Night Hunter is Russian origin Mil manufactured helicopter whose major operators are Algeria, Iraq, and Russia.

New-generation helicopter functions as an air-to-air and air-to-ground partner which has been equipped with two heavily armored cockpits, a new main gearbox for transmitting higher power to the rotor, high-efficiency blades with swept-shaped tips, and engine fuel injection control. One of the fastest helicopters in the world has a maximum speed of 324 km/h with a hovering ceiling of about 3,600m.

7: Ka-52 Alligator

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World Ka-52 Alligator

Ka-52 Alligator can be described as the successor of Ka-50 having some modifications to enhance the performance and ability to accomplish special operations. It has a softer nose profile and a radar system with two antennas featuring mast-mounted for aerial targets and nose-mounted for ground targets.

The six wing-mounted blades helicopter is among the fastest helicopters in the world with a speed of 350km/h and with a service ceiling of 5,500m. Ka-52 Alligator is entirely operated by the Russian military including Russian Air Force and Russian Naval Aviation since 2012 when its first batch of thirty helicopters.

6: NH90

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World NH90

The medium-sized twin-engine NHIndustries NH90 is a multi-role military helicopter entirely owned by Airbus Helicopters, AgustaWestland, and Fokker Aerostructures which has been added to the list of the world’s fastest helicopters.

It has been widely used all around the globe having major operators like Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, and Spain among others. The speed of NH90 can be estimated at up to 300km/h with a maximum altitude of 6,000m becoming the best option for civil and battle operations.

5: Agusta Westland AW139

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World Agusta Westland AW139

Developed and manufactured by AgustaWestland the AgustaWestland AW139 is a medium-sized twin-engine helicopter that is one of the influential of the company. One of the world’s fastest helicopters is powered by two FADEC-controlled Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6C turboshaft engines which can be utilized for military and civil services.

The major operators of AgustaWestland AW139 include Bangladesh, Cyprus, Egypt, Malta, Nigeria, and Panama among UAE and UK countries. The specifications of AgustaWestland AW139 are a Maximum speed of 310km/h, a Service ceiling of 6,096m, and a range of up to 1,250km.

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4: AW101 (EH101) Merlin

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World AW101 (EH101) Merlin

The medium-lift helicopter AW101 is the collaborative creation of Westland Helicopters and Agusta to meet the requirements of a modern naval utility helicopter. AW101 has widely used in both civil and military operations following its excellent performance and reliability which has a speed of 309km/h and a maximum altitude of 4,575m with a load capacity of around 14,600kg.

AW101 is among the fastest helicopter in the world with major operators in Algeria, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Portugal, Norway, and Saudi Arabia for military and law enforcement operations.

3: Mi-35M

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World Mi-35M

The Mi-35M is a multi-role combat helicopter manufactured by Rostvertol, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters which has been primarily designed for attack and military transport missions with superior flight performance and maneuverability among others.

Mi-35M is one of the fastest helicopters which can fly at a maximum speed of 310km/h with an operational altitude of 5,400m, it is capable of conducting missions during day and night that can operate in unprepared and inadequately equipped airfields at high-temperature and high-altitude environments.

2: CH-47 Chinook

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World CH-47 Chinook

The American twin-engine tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter CH-47 Chinook is one of the fastest helicopters in the world with extraordinary performance during both civil and military operations.

Boeing Rotorcraft Systems produced CH-47 Chinook has several variants concerning improvement and specifications that can attain a maximum speed of 315km/h and can fly at an altitude of 5,640m while its maximum weight capacity is around 22,680kg. Its major operators include Argentina, Australia, Canada, Greece, Japan, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Spain among several others.

1: Eurocopter X3

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World Eurocopter X3

Eurocopter X3 is an experimental high-speed compound helicopter that has been developed and produced by Eurocopter and can fly at a record speed of 472km/h along with a Service ceiling of around 3,810m.

The five-bladed helicopter tractor propellers are gear driven from two main turboshaft engines making it the high-speed helicopter in the world to date. Eurocopter X3 hasn’t had major operators till now because it’s a demonstration machine and research is in the process to make it more reliable.

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