Top 10 Best 3G Supported Smartphones in 2023


3G is a technology that opens the door for its users to surf the internet faster than ever before. It fastens the wireless services, TV on mobile, and nonstop internet facility by connecting to the internet through wifi or another piece device. A person loves to buy a phone which has this option in the specifications because it makes the user feel comfortable while using or surfing the internet on the smartphone.

If a person is founding any difficulty in finding the proper smartphone with this feature then below we discuss the top ten smartphones who has this feature. The list is given below. The list given below will make it easy for buyers to buy the right Smartphone with the 3G feature.

10. Discovery V5+ 3G Unlocked Smartphone


This is a smartphone that made good money when it was released in the market. It is a dual-core smartphone by Jiake. It gets a good review from the users as well as the markets and became a global best-selling smartphone in the year in which it was released. Its software is Android 4.2.2 and has two cameras. One is a back camera and the other is the front camera. The price of this smartphone is very reasonable and has a 3G feature in it. So if a person is looking for a smartphone with 3G features at an affordable price then this is for them.

9. Myepads Flytouch X6 Smartphone


This smartphone was introduced by Generic. It is a very good smartphone and has some quality features in it among them is the 3G feature. It has a guarantee of 1 year for the user that if something happens to this phone then the company will resolve it free of cost. It is easily available in the markets so if one is looking for a smartphone with a 3G feature then he should buy this.

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8. Indigi Dual Core 3G Smart Phone


It is one of the most used smartphones in the world which have a 3G specification. This smartphone was introduced by Digimaxis LLC. One of the good things about this smartphone is that it has good features like the latest Android software of 4.4 Kitkat OS, a dual-core processor, high definition camera plus 3G availability. It can be bought at a very good price and is easily available in the markets. So don’t get late, place an order now.

7. IRulu Dual Core Phablet with Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


This is another great smartphone with a 3G feature. Despite this feature, it also has some other great features including dual SIM, 512 MB ram, an SD card, and also an Android 4.2 jelly bean. These all features make it a good handset and is available on the Internet and also in the markets. So place an order and buy this phone. It is represented by a USA company Hyperay.

6. Star Mobile Phone with Dual SIM


It is a beautiful handset not because of its great specifications but also because of its working. It has a large screen i.e. 5.08 inch that made this smartphone a great choice for buyers who are looking for a set that has the 3G option in it and runs very well so that they can surf the internet faster than ever before.

5. Unlocked Cubot 3G Smartphone


It is a smartphone introduced by the company DB-Power. It has a very reasonable price with all the major specifications that a mobile should have. Such as having Android software that is upgradable, high definition camera, and most importantly 3G availability. By the token of these features, a user will be satisfied with this phone at this price.

4. Metal Dual Core Unlocked Phone


This is a mobile phone which supports the 3G feature and is introduced by the company Jackly. It is available at Amazon and a person can buy it very easily by ordering it online. It has a very beautiful outlook and also some very good features like the latest Bluetooth software, all social applications can be run easily, a most important feature is that it has a high definition screen which makes it more desirable to people who are looking to buy mobile phones in affordable prices.

3. Metal Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone


This is another great handset by Jackly and is available at a very reasonable price. A person can buy this phone from the market as well as from the Internet by placing an order on it. It has a money-back guarantee and is a very good mobile phone for people looking for phones with support of 3G. The most important thing about this handset is that in this set internet browsing is very easy due to some extra options given to the user.

2. M-Horse 3G Smartphone Unlocked


It is another great phone with the support of 3G in it. It is the handset by LightInTheBox. It has an Android on 4.2 OS, a dual SIM feature, 512 MB ROM, and many other great specifications and it’s all there for a very reasonable price. It is available on the Internet so place an instant order and buy it as soon as possible before the stock ends.

1. Otium Soar Factory Unlocked Dual SIM Smartphone


This handset is introduced by Otium and at a very reasonable price. It supports 3G and despite this, these beautiful mobile phones have other great specifications that will make the buyer buy it such as. It has a dual SIM feature; the Internal memory of this phone is 4GB which can be extended up to 32GB by using the micro SD card slot. It has a camera that is quite good and an HD screen. All this is available in one set and so go to the market and buy it as soon as possible.

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