Privacy policy

Visitors privacy very important for our website abs which we collect when visitors visit our best website we never give the all collected information to the third party because its responsibility of this website secure visitors in all ways. Collected information can be categorized in two ways weather obtains with or without avidness of visitors.

Direct information:
This type of information gathered by the visitors when they use our comment section, send information through contact page of our website this information will be correct and confirmed in all way from the respectable visitors.

Indirect information:
Indirect information can be collected automatically from the net which may be wrong or write this type if information always creates many problems for our website It show the visitors personal information like behavior, activities many other thing therefore only IP addresses for the better outcomes in future and the purpose of respond visitors in better ways.

How or what we collect information?
We collect all information through direct and indirect ways from the visitors as mentioned above visitors may provide information in comment section and use other social media source in other way from indirect information not use any personal information use just collect IP addresses due to better performances for the next time when visitors use again visit this website for the knowledge and information.

All kind of information such as social media sites, Email, profile obtained after complete approval and endorsement all work done in legal ways also for the legal purposes.

Information Security:
Its aim of this world best website to protect and secure all data and information of visitors with responsibility but we want to clear one thing that this modern time is internet time and nothing secure 100% means that not provide 100% guarantee due to net but along with we always try to protect our visitors privacy and personal data which they provide with lot of attention.

Point to be noted:
Carefully noted that privacy policy may or may not be same visitors must take lot of care when open or visit any type of advertisement on our website of advertiser for that purpose visitors must deliberate about privacy policy.