Meg 2: The Trench” is the Thrilling Story Of Jason Statham With Three Megalodon Sharks

Meg 2 The Trench is the Thrilling Story Of Jason Statham With Three Megalodon Sharks

Jason Statham has always remained successful in gaining the attention of audiences through his acting skills. Jason has never failed to accept the challenges of the film industry and has come to face new challenges every time to amaze the audience. Meg 2 is a live example of Jason Statham’s thrilling performance with three prehistoric sharks in back-to-back performances. 

The amazing performance of Jason Statham with sharks was not enough to make us all wonder, rather a giant creature with a lot of tentacles was also added in the official trailer. The trailer has just turned the attention of the audience towards the upcoming film with a quite different theme. Fans are impatiently waiting for the return of the action-packed film.

“The Meg” was the first part and gained $530 million in 2018 with its worldwide acceptance of popularity. Even in 2018, the sequel of the film was confirmed. The story of the film consists of a bunch of scientists who were in a submarine and were attacked by a megalodon creature. Megalodon was considered a species of shark that are quite giant in structure and now considered extinct on the planet Earth.

Warner Bros have turned the head of the audience towards the extinct creature with its debut film trailer in August. The footage which was considered new represents Statham who has paired up with Wu Jing. Wu Jing is a famous star of China and has appeared in the blockbuster films “Wolf Warrior”, “The Wandering Earth” and many more. 

This amazing pair of famous actors have led a journey to the underwater bottom of the ocean to know and then investigate the creatures. The new creatures then attack the tourist destination present at sea level and satisfy the appetite of plenty of tourists. The pair then rescue the remaining tourists and end up fighting with these massive creatures.

You will find amazing stars in the upcoming film Meg 2. The stars will include Statham, Wiu, Cliff Curtis, Skyler Samuels, Page Kennedy, Sienna Guillory, Shuya Sophia Cai, as well as Sergio Peris-Mencheta. The opposite character of Statham in the first sequel of The Meg, Li Bingbing is not present in the second sequel.

The story of The Meg is based on Steve Alten’s thriller that was published in 1997. The next sequel was written by Jean Georgaris, Jon Hoeber, and Erich Hoeber. The director of Meg 2 is Ben Wheatley. The story is a complete depiction of the old novel “Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror”.

Five years back Jason Statham stunted the audience as Jonas Tyler in The Meg. He defeated a 75-foot shark present in the Pacific Ocean as a rescue diver. Now it’s time to face the action again by the legend in the sequel of the same story. After the trailer of Meg 2, the audience is anxiously waiting with the popcorn to watch a blockbuster movie.

Fans are ready to dive with Jason Statham in the water to fight with the sharks and witness the globally claimed action of Wu Jing. Both characters are leading a research team to keep the tourists away from the chaos of such threatening creatures. The storyline is just giving an end to the merciless predator and helping in the existence of human beings.

Meg has proved above the expectations of the audience with its mind-blowing actions and storyline. In the sequel of the story, the audience was impatient to watch quite similar thrills. The trailer of Meg 2 has raised the expectation of the audience as the story has three sharks with the sea creature and an amazing storyline. Fans could not wait to watch the story.


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