Huge Violence And Massive Arrests Are Being Witnessed As Imran Khan Former PM Of Pakistan Is Arrested After being Charged With Corruption

Huge Violence And Massive Arrests Are Being Witnessed As Imran Khan Former PM Of Pakistan Is Arrested After being Charged With Corruption

We have always witnessed the great attention of the audience behind the former prime minister of Pakistan. He has always gained a good demand of supporters on every call. In the recent call to action, the arrest of Imran Khan in a corruption case has just sparked a huge protest across Pakistan. The protest surrounds not only the internal as well as external territories. 

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has just pleaded not guilty to the corruption charges one day. The other day, he was arrested in Islamabad and this has sparked protests in the nationwide struggles against the arrest warrants. According to the reports, 8 people have died during the protest nationwide and almost 1000 people are arrested in the procedure.

After witnessing the huge mess in some areas pak army is also asked for help and issue warning in some areas. The crowd of people has attacked government property as well as places and strict actions are asked to be done against such crowds.

During the arrest of the former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, there was a rise of tension between the army and the former PM. In this time of economic crisis, the country is also suffering from internal and external mess on political grounds. Imran Khan has just been disqualified on the ground of conviction from standing for office. It seems that elections are also going to be due this year.

Imran Khan Arrest!

The footage has just gained the attention of the audience in which the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is surrounded by dozens of security officers. The footage can be considered dramatic as dozens of rangers are forcefully arresting a 70-year-old former prime minister from the court premises on Tuesday. He was bundled into the police van and then went away.

He is staying in the police guest house in tight security just like the courtroom to avoid any mishap. The Wednesday decision was quite unexpected for Imran Khan as he was charged with selling government property unlawfully. Not only this he was also charged that he gave gifts unofficially during his prime ministership as the case was brought by the election commission.

The response of Imran Khan was quite obvious as he declares that he has lawfully completed the requirements and that the allegations are completely wrong. In the past, Imran Khan was charged with dozens of cases but for the first time, he was arrested in any case. 

His arrest was avoided for very long with the help of his supporters. Most of the time there is complete threshold fighting between supporters and the police as this battle ended up in the escape of Imran Khan from police custody. Tuesday the arrest warrant was specially issued because of corruption. 

It is stated that Imran Khan unofficially transferred the government property to Al Qadir University present in Islamabad. In the decision, the judge remanded the custody of Imran Khan for 8 days in the present case and the further decisions would be after it.

One of the lawyers Imran Khan has passed his message to the supporters that Imran Khan wants them not to give up. Imran Khan wants you to stand on the ground for the real law and rule in the country. The officials of the party have challenged the arrest warrant that they are not legal in any way.

The most uprising issue in Pakistan is the arrest of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. The arrest has risen with the massive protests around the country with a lot of damage to property and lives. An arrest is made based on a corruption case and Imran Khan is remanded in custody for 8 days.

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