13 People Were Killed When Israel Strikes Gaza

13 People Were Killed When Israel Strikes Gaza

It has been found out that because of a series of strikes on Gaza by Israeli forces, 13 people lost their lives. Of these people, there were four children, as well as Palestine Islamic Jihad movement members, were also included in the list. This strike didn’t even leave women but they were also injured and a few lost their lives. 

Different kinds of information about this strike have been gathered from several reliable sources. According to the report, a total of 20 people were injured badly during the strike and about 40 Israeli warplanes kept on attacking for two hours on Tuesday. 

Background Of Israel & Gaza Conflict 

The conflict between Israel and Gaza is not new but has its deep roots in the 19th century. The conflict was started because of the creation of nationalist movements between the Arabs and Jews. After this, Israel keeps on striking at Gaza employing raids and several people including women, children, and the elderly are losing their precious lives. 

Not only these nationalist movements were the reason but different other factors like political, historical, and other social factors contribute to keeping both countries away from each other. Because of these conflicts, they have given rise to violence and are also performing different human rights abuses. 

Recent Israel Strike At Gaza

The main target of the experience was presidential apartments and the sound of explosions was heard in different areas of Gaza. El Syed, the Gaza reporter, makes it clear that these apartments belong to different famous members of PIJ commanders. In addition to these members, other civilians living near the apartments were also under target. 

The members of PIJ commanders were killed due to air raids and a few of them remain alive but injured badly. The three members who were killed were Tariq Izz-al-Deen, Jihad al-Ghannam, and Khalil al-Bahtini. It has been found that their wives along with children are also among the deceased people but their number is not confirmed.

According to the reporter, the interview of witnesses explains that the explosion was first heard to hit the topmost floor of the apartment and the second one was at the home of the southern city of Rafay. The air attacks were given code names as ‘Operation Shield and Arrow’ and their target was the apartment of the above-mentioned members of PIJ. 

Israel’s Point Of View About Strike

The targets were the three members of the PIJ and it has been found that Israel attacked them as revenge for rockets fired toward Israel sometime before. It was mentioned by the Israeli military that Gaza’s members of PIJ contributed to firing 30 rockets toward Israel. 

These rockets fired at Sderot, a small city in Israel, have resulted in creating so much disturbance and injured three people. A foreign national who was 25 years old was included in the injured people and got very serious wounds. The strike on Gaza was a reply to Palestine that they did wrong by firing the rockets toward them. 

Israeli Missiles Attacks Gaza

A Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan was found dead in the Israel prison because of a hunger strike as he refused to eat anything for about 87 days. When Gaza found out about him, it fired rockets at Israel and got missiles in return that hit one of the most populated of Gaza. 

Another attack by Israel on the northwest of the city of Gaza injured a 58-year-old Hashel Mubarak al-Swerki who was the father of 11 children and was 58 years old. A ceasefire agreement between armed Palestinian factions and Israel was broken by the Egyptian, United Nations, and Qatari and calm was restored in this way. 

Israel and Gaza have been in a serious conflict for the last few years and the rocket’s firing has now become common between them. A recent strike on Gaza by Israel has killed 13 people including children and women of famous Palestinian personalities.

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